Build Apps with Curri and Cupric Bridge, Now Online!

Good news! CupricBridge and Curri are now online! CupricBridge is a wrapper for the Irrlicht engine GUI system, but it also provides a serialization interface implementation that will work with scene objects. Curri is a project containing the boilerplate code for creating applications with Copper, CupricBridge, and Irrlicht engine.

Why Were These Delayed?

Some of you may have noticed that it did, in fact, take a month to post these projects. The reason being they were not as ready to be published as I originally thought. Some dependencies needed clearing up, among other details. And for a long time, I couldn’t decide whether to put these projects on Github or Sourceforge. The latter seems tailored to larger, more end-user-oriented projects, whereas the former is tailored towards developers. It’s faster to launch a project on Github because you don’t need to fill out all sorts of project details to feel like it’s online, and it’s easier to search for small projects like mine. However, it’s also becoming really irritating to use, and my browser of choice no longer can load parts of the website. Too much CSS5 maybe? Sourceforge works better in this regard, but even that site is becoming heavily dependent on JavaScript.

The License

I’m not a stickler for copyrights. I have to add them so that some company won’t come along and legally wall off the code I wrote nor derivatives. You are, however, welcome to use it freely in your applications, and I’m not going to hound you for not sharing changes you’ve made to the core code. Heck, it’s designed so you shouldn’t need to make any!

Usage Case

Naturally, these projects spawned out of the desire to create applications simply and easily with Copper. That said, I’m currently using these projects to create a cool application for making digital artwork. The Copper code handles the user interface and the organization of the user data, and the C++ code handles the computationally intensive procedures. This project is also an exploration into the integration of Copper into an application with multi-threading. Copper itself is not multi-thread safe, and initially, it doesn’t need to be since it is intended for UI setup, which occurs once at the start of the application. However, I wanted Copper to also handle GUI events (such as button clicks) and user project data organization – two things that are far easier to do in Copper than in C++. However, this means creating the appropriate data structures with mutex locks. So far, everything has been quite doable, and I may report on progress on that project (and show code) from time to time as it proceeds. For now, know that it is possible to integrate Copper in a multi-threaded application.


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