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Rainbow syntax highlighters were created for LISP and related languages, not C++ and imperative languages, but they can be quite useful. Sadly, nothing is easy, and trying to find an IDE that worked on my PC and allowed custom rainbow syntax highlighting proved to be more difficult to find than I imagined. However, I was determined to not write an entire IDE just for syntax highlighting. In fact, I was determined to keep it simple and avoid even having to learn Eclipse (so that I could write an extension). My persistence paid off.

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Introduce( []{} )

Functions are about all there is in Copper. This fact is so driven home that, after further consideration, it seems the “fn” is entirely useless. Should it remain?

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(,-o.c(((O) The Goals

One does not simply write a new programming language. There needs to be a good reason for it, and not only a good reason, but also a good answer for how it is supposed to be better. That’s the short version. In truth, a good language needs to be designed to fulfill some goals in a way that appeases the person who is going to be using it. The goals are what shape the paradigms the language will have.
What are the goals of this language?

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